Exclusive Guide: Types of Toolbox Organisers

Exclusive Guide: Types of Toolbox Organisers

Effectively organising tools in your workplace can make them easier for your employees to find, use and maintain.

Not only does this save time, but it also saves money, boosts productivity, and reduces the chances of tools going missing and needing replacement.

Tool storage can be as simple as using a toolbox or as complex as building a custom workbench with drawers and shelves for each specific tool.

Whether you have a small or large tool supply, organisation is essential for maintaining a constructive working environment.

What is a toolbox organiser?

A toolbox organiser is a type of container workers use to store tools in an orderly way. They come in a range of materials, including plastic, metal, and foam.

You can store all kinds of tools and components in an organiser, including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, parts, hardware, nuts, bolts, and much more. 

Now, let’s dive into a few common toolbox organisation solutions available on today’s market.

Common Toolbox Organisation Solution Available On Today’s Market:

Foam inserts

A foam toolbox insert is a piece of foam you can insert into your toolbox to make it easier to organise and store your tools. They’re beneficial because you can cut them to size, creating a perfect fit for any toolbox.

Some foam inserts from RS Components have pre-cut holes for storing tools of set shapes and sizes. For example, some organisers will have a variety of long, narrow holes designed for holding screwdrivers of different lengths.

You can also find solid foam slabs that you can custom-cut with different shapes and holes for storing tools in a combination of your choice.

This feature makes them a popular choice for businesses looking for versatility and customisation.

Plastic tray organisers

Plastic tray organisers also slot directly into a toolbox, but you can’t cut them to shape like you can with foam inserts. They’re a more durable solution and typically feature predefined areas for storing specific components and tools.

These trays are a great option if you value extra durability and longevity—just make sure to choose an organiser that fits inside your toolbox and has enough storage space for your needs.

Magnetic tray organisers

Magnetic tray organisers are a step up from their plastic counterparts. These metal trays are much more durable than plastic or foam options, but they’re not customisable.

The magnetic nature of these trays allows them to hold metal tools and components securely in place, preventing them from coming loose inside your toolbox or bag.

They typically come in a range of shapes and sizes and feature a rubber coating to prevent damage to surfaces or tools.

How to choose the right tool organiser for your needs

Choosing the right toolbox organiser for your business comes down to two main factors—your budget and the type of tools you plan to store.

If you value versatility and need to store several oddly-shaped or sized tools, a customisable foam insert is a smart choice.

However, if you’re after durability and extra protection, plastic and metal tray organisers are better bets.

These options are less susceptible to damage and can keep your tools and components organised for years to come.

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