The Top 5 Ways You Can Update Your Home For A Modern Vibe

The Top 5 Ways You Can Update Your Home For A Modern Vibe

When considering modernizing your house, you may fear an extensive update or a complete overhaul of your living space. While some projects are extensive and span over several weeks, others are limited in scope yet very impactful.

So, your choice of design, budget, and available time decides how broad your home makeover project will be.

But regardless of the design you choose for modernizing your house, the best part is that updating a home brings several benefits. It can make your living space more loveable, not to mention the increase in the property value.

You may be more inclined to value-added home updates if you live in a city like Tucson, with a thriving real estate market, where home prices were up by 3.1% compared to last year (as of August 2023).

But even if you don’t plan to sell your house after the update, your home will still have more worth in Tucson-like cities, and of course, there’s no denying the comfort you’ll get in a modern and updated home.

Now, let’s explore some ideas to give your house that modern touch.

Add a walk-in shower

If you already have a bathtub, you can still update it with a walk-in shower if there is enough space. On the contrary, you may have to remove some existing fixtures if there is no space.

More people are going for walk-in showers, and that’s understandable. Walk-in showers are more versatile, are suitable for all age groups, and offer better accessibility and ease of cleaning.

A walk-in shower is the right choice for places like Tucson, where a considerable population is 65 years and above (14.8% according to the US Census Bureau).

You can hire experienced Tucson Bathroom Remodeling experts to install a walk-in shower. They can also help you select the best layout that improves functionality while modernizing your bathroom.

Declutter the whole space

Modern spaces are characterized by clean lines and simplicity, which means your overloaded hallways and cabinets are a big no for achieving your goal of a modern house.

The simplest way to make your house modern is to remove clutter and unnecessary stuff and adopt minimalism. The fewer items your home has, the easier it is to keep it in order; hence, it will look more modern and fresh.

However, minimalism does not mean collecting everything and throwing it away. Instead, it means to decide what you truly need in the house. So, the first step to removing clutter and updating your home should be making a list of unnecessary items.

The list could include old and unworn clothes, duplicate items from the kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere in the house, malfunctioning and broken electronics, and other similar stuff. Start your list with the largest unnecessary thing in your home, such as furniture; removing it will clear out a lot of space.

Removing unnecessary stuff is crucial for a modern feel because these excess items make your house stuffy and unkempt.

Spring cleaning is a popular ritual in many homes, but you can declutter at any time of the year. Consider donating extra furniture, clothes, and useable stuff to charities where it can find a new life.

Refresh the paint

Refreshing the paint and the color palette in the house is a surefire way to give it a modern feel. It’s because fresh paint makes even an old house look new, cheerful, and fresh, making it welcoming.

Colors like reassuring green and refreshing blue have soothing effects on your house.

Most interior designers pair the paint with accessories while designing a room. For instance, they may use a neutral color as their primary hue for covering  60% of a room area, then opt for a secondary shade to fill about 30% of the entire space. They may choose an accent hue for the remaining 10% space.

When selecting patterns and designs for the walls, ensure they don’t feel overcrowded. It can make your room come off as busy, opposite to the idea of cleanliness and simplicity upheld by modernization.

Create open spaces

Open floor plans are the most popular for making a house look modern. They merge different areas, including the kitchen, living room, and dining area, into one expansive open space, offering several benefits.

Some of the benefits of open floor plans are mentioned below:

  • Open floor plans make hosting guests a breeze
  • They are perfect for arranging game nights by providing ample space for guests
  • Parents can watch their kids when walls do not separate various areas in the house
  • Open-floor houses look big, inviting, and airy

To transform your house into an open floor plan, you can remove the walls separating major areas. Alternatively, you can design a customized open floor plan focusing only on cramped and darker corners.

If these corners are near non-load-bearing walls, you can easily remove those walls to open up and expand your space.

While some people may be confident about tackling this project on their own, it is generally not recommended, considering the scope and riskiness of the project. Even small mistakes can cause structural damage, so it is better to hire professional home remodelers.

Update the windows

Windows are the entryway for fresh air and natural light in the house; both these aspects define contemporary living spaces.

Some modern houses even feature large, full-length windows ideal for providing views of the outdoors and creating a sense of openness. Such windows maximize the connection to the natural world outside.

So, consider installing expansive sliding glass doors or large picture windows to enjoy a beautiful view of your garden and patio.

In addition to strengthening the connection with nature, widows in modern houses aim to achieve sustainability goals by featuring energy-efficient glass, frames, and seals.

Poor insulation in traditional windows is a major source of energy loss. On the contrary, modern energy-efficient windows offer an eco-friendly alternative by helping maintain an optimal temperature indoors.

Eventually, they help reduce your carbon footprint and cut your utility costs by decreasing the strain on your house’s heating and cooling system.


You can give your house a modern vibe in several ways: by adding new things, such as installing energy-efficient windows, repainting the house, and updating the décor.

Or you can achieve this by removing items such as walls separating the rooms and eliminating clutter and unnecessary stuff. However, whichever way you choose to make your house stylish, ensure that it does not compromise the functionality and practicality of your home. Good Luck!

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