Ways To Prevent The Washing Machine Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Ways To Prevent The Washing Machine Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Are you wearing the fetid smell of clothes that certainly makes a laughing stock in the crowd and puts all the eyes away from you?

What can undoubtedly make you feel more disgusting than opening a machine door and being slapped by a terrible rotten eggs smell that is now being transferred to your clothes?

Well, there are multiple reasons, ranging from blocked drains to stickiness of dirt in the machine but don’t worry, we got you sorted. One quick method is scrubbing and running a distilled water and vinegar wash.

This article will give you an in-depth understanding of how and why your machine smells like a rotten egg. Along with the ways to combat the situation with quick tips and tricks to eliminate the rotten egg smell, make sure to read the blog post till the end.

4 Major Reasons and Methods To Avoid Rotten Eggs Smell?

Don’t hold your breath while walking in the laundry room; suspect these issues and fix them with simple, quick hacks.

#1: Washing Machine Got Stuck

If you use a front-loader washing machine, a vast rubber seal is on the door, also called a gasket or bellow. The significance of having a door seal is to stop the outflow of the water so that water doesn’t get into a washing machine while it’s running.

Most of the time, a tiny piece of Cloth, such as a sock, handkerchief, face mask, or other items, gets stuck in the bellows; soon, it gets covered in mildew which results in the smell of rotten eggs.

Quick Fix:

Start with cleaning the door seal of the machine. This is where a lot of dirt and bacteria can be found. In order to clean the gasket of the machine, use a small cloth or some brush. However, you must switch or need a cleaning solution if the dirt is excessively high.


Wash your machine from the inside with vinegar or hot water by making a mixture that can be used to clean the machine’s inside area.

Pro Tip:

Also, clean your detergent dispenser with a brush to avoid the smell of rotten eggs.

#2: Blocked Drain Plug

Another possible reason for this problem can be a blocked drain plug in your front-loader washing machine. In most washing machine models, a drain plug is situated beneath the washing machine.

It can be either in the front, side of the machine, or back. The blocked drain plug will create puddles of water even after retrieving the clothing from the machine that can certainly transfer smell.

Quick Fix:

This means you should clean your filter correctly and remove debris or dirt from your machine, which results in a bad smell. But how do you clean your filter?

1.Unplug your washing machine from the power socket to avoid any electrical shock.

2.Then start locating your filter with help from the washing machine’s manual. In most cases, it is located at the bottom of the machine.

3.After that, dismantle your filter and wash it with hot water or soap. If you have rinsed your filter correctly, place it back to its location and switch on the power button. Now, the smell is no more disturbing to you.

#3: Dirt In The Washing Machine

If you use a washing machine as a top-loader washer, the easiest and the best way to get rid of a rotten egg smell is to wash it properly and slowly.

In case you don’t wash your machine frequently, there is a high possibility that mildew, soap, mold, and grime can grow and build up inside, and the result is what you are facing now.

Quick Fix:

Use Bleach:

Using chlorine bleach to remove the smell from your machine could be one of the excellent methods that will clean the machine from the inside out.

Pro Tip

Next time when you go for laundry, spill some bleach inside your machine because it will help you to increase the performance of the machine and will also freshen up your machine.

#4: Machine Sewer Blocked

If by chance cleaning your washing machine also doesn’t work out well for you, the possible reason for the smell of rotten eggs from the washing can be the blocked sewer.

When the machine sewer gets clogged, the smell is passed away from the drain hose and enters the machine.

Quick Fix:

Fix The Hose Of The Machine

Sometimes a leakage in the hose can be a reason for smells like rotten eggs, so it is advisable to Check cold or hot water hoses twice.

In case there are some leaks inside the hoses for the machine. Change it as soon as possible to avoid harmful fragrances.

What If Nothing Works?

1.Sometimes washing machines get dried out because of lack of ventilation and poor space in the area, which often smells of rotten eggs.

The best way out of this problem is to get a cup filled with water and spill it on the machine to re-wet the trap.

2.Since natural gas is odorless, utilities often add sulfur to reveal leaks. And gas leakage in the machine could become a probable cause for the rotten smell.

Therefore, contact the gas supplier immediately if you suspect a gas leak.

Preventative Measures To Avoid Rotten Eggs Smell

1.Clean your machine at regular intervals to avoid any dirt or grime in the machine.

2.You must leave the machine doors open for some time because by doing this, air will circulate properly inside, preventing any kind of mildew from growing inside it.

3.With the assistance of, Washing machine cleaner, clean your machine once a month.


The smells of rotten eggs can be frustrating and irritating, and people who don’t take care of the machine without preventative measures often have harmful fragrances in their washing machines.

However, there are a few causes and solutions you must keep in your mind to get rid of the smell of rotten eggs. Furthermore, by following some steps and keeping your washing machine, you won’t be in such a situation again.

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