How To Get Garden-Ready For Your Guests This Summer

How To Get Garden-Ready For Your Guests This Summer

With the summer season officially upon us, it means that it is time to get people over for a few drinks in the back garden along with a BBQ. However, you might have let your back garden go during winter and now it is looking cluttered.

When it comes to your back garden, there is a lot more you can do to it other than a quick clean up. There are plenty of items to buy out there that can give it the upgrade you need.

A lot of people built bars in their garden during lockdown but you might have avoided that one. Luckily for you, there are still a few things that you can buy to give it that upgrade it needs.

4 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

1. Fire Pit

The fire pit is one of the best things that you can add when it comes to your back garden. Plus, they are not that expensive. There are multiple positives with a fire pit as well, it isn’t just a pretty fire in the middle of the patio.

One of the bonuses about a firepit is that you can use it as a barbecue. All you need to add is a grill on top of the fire to be able to place your meat on top of it. You will also need some long tongs to be able to flip your food, ensuring that it is cooked on either side.

Not only are you able to cook food on a fire pit but it is great for keeping you warm when the sun has set. Additionally, does your back garden have issues with files? Worry no more as the smoke from the firepit will keep away those bugs as well.

Despite all of those positives, there is still a negative about a fire pit and that is the smoke. It can leave your clothes with a nasty smell so make sure you are not going anywhere nice after you’ve been set next to the fire for a few hours.

2. Outdoor Furniture

If you do not have outdoor furniture then it is pointless having any guests at your place. Everybody needs back garden furniture for those lovely evenings to sit outside.

Moreover, garden furniture can be expensive although there are a few variations which also vary the price.

The first option would be a traditional dining table and chairs. This is more appropriate for large families, especially if you intend on eating outside a lot.

Whatever you do, don’t force people to eat on their laps if it isn’t food that you eat with your fingers. With this particular furniture set, we would advise that you have a patio heater next to it. Not only will this keep you warm during the evening but it will also keep those flies away.

Another option is just to have a seating area. If you are not looking at cooking for people when they come round then just have an area to sit.

Do not be one of those people that brings their dining chairs out of their house for people to sit on. Buy yourself a corner sofa and place a firepit in the middle. Rattan furniture is perfect for this although you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money on this.

If you already own a furniture set, we suggest that you refurbish it. For example, if you have a wooden furniture set then all you need to do is go over it with a paintbrush.

Maybe paint it a different colour to what it was previously. This is a great way to make a change to your back garden without having to spend too much money.

3. Old Wooden Palettes

This one is for those that can hang up plants in their garden. Using wooden pallets is a great way to make upgrades to your back garden without having to spend too much money.

All you need to do is paint them, sand them down and then hang them up on your wall. Once they are hung up, attach plant pots to them so you add a bit of greenery to your wall.

4. Plant Pots

This is the easiest way to make upgrades to your back garden and it is something that you should consider if you own them. If you have a few pots that are worse for wear then get rid of them and buy new ones.

If they are in good condition, give them a repaint to add even more colour to your garden. Repainting certain things in your garden is a great way to look like you have added something new even though all you have done is repaint them.


There are many things that you can do to your garden for you to make it look better. A simple tub of paint can surprisingly go a long way when you are looking to make changes.

Make these changes to your back garden before you start inviting people around and trick them into thinking you have new furniture, plants pots and other back garden items.

Another thing to remember, make sure that your flags are clean. Either jet wash them or hire a specialist cleaning service and then you will soon see the improvements.

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