Tips For Minimizing Water Waste At Your Home

Tips For Minimizing Water Waste At Your Home

When we think of waste produced in a home, we can think of many different examples. However, water is often undervalued and underestimated, with people using all their water-based infrastructure improperly – whether taps or sprinkler systems!

As water costs in the US began to soar at the start of 2023, many Americans are looking for ways to cut back on their usage and slash their utility bulls. It’s not always an easy process if people don’t know what to do, and you may even panic if you’re experiencing similar feelings.

Fortunately, there are home improvement changes that can make a significant difference here. But what are they? Well, let’s explore some of the more promising options available to you down below.

Ways to Reduce Water Wastage at Home

Repair Your Water Goods

Sometimes, outright replacements of your utilities aren’t always necessary. A well-timed repair can also drastically reduce water waste (and subsequent costs).

For example, this sprinkler system repair service promises homeowners that they’ll examine the sprinklers closely and consider multiple factors: landscape water requirements, the type of soil nearby, and many other long-term needs.

They note that when an irrigation system functions well, it can help greatly reduce water waste.

It’s not just about your sprinklers, though. Many homeowners can get accustomed to a leaky faucet, and occasional drips might not seem immediately consequential. However, each drip will accumulate hefty amounts of water waste over time – fix leaky faucets asap!

Look for WaterSense Products

The goal to minimize water waste extends far beyond your home. WaterSense is a US Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored program that’s wholly invested in these efforts.

You can work in tandem with these government initiatives. After all, WaterSense has a presence on many consumer products out there today, attaching a label to them to facilitate water efficiency and ultimately protect the water supply of the States.

WaterSense-approved products have the potential to annually save hundreds of gallons of water. There are many different types of products to look into here. Faucets, toilets, and even showerheads can all be replaced with water-efficient alternatives.

Moreover, local governments and utility companies sometimes offer incentives or rebates for installing these offerings. Available programs aren’t guaranteed, but where they exist, they can help cover the costs of replacements well.

Secure Low Flow Shower Heads

We’ve mentioned replacing showerheads already, but there’s more to discuss here. According to US government resources, showering accounts for 17% of indoor water usage in the home. Consequently, the potential for waste here is staggering!

The same source mentions that Americans shower so much that they could collectively supply the water needs of New Jersey and New York for a full 360 days.

So, as you can see, there’s a great deal at stake here! The use of a WaterSense model is again recommended, which has the potential to annually save hundreds of gallons of water.

However, let’s dig a little deeper. After all, low flow shower heads can also be a boon to your prospects around minimizing water waste at home.

They can limit the flow rate to around 2.5 gallons per minute or less and reduce water usage without necessarily sacrificing how good your showers are. Low flow shower heads also maintain comfortable water pressure and efficient spray patterns too, helping things further.

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