What is the Florida Water Quality Association?

What is the Florida Water Quality Association?

The world is on the verge of a water crisis. There is a growing water demand, but freshwater supplies are limited. Many countries are facing water shortages and drought conditions.

In response to this crisis, the United Nations has declared water a human right. Water quality association is working to ensure that all people have access to clean water and its network is spread across the globe.

The Florida Water Quality Association (FWQA) is one such organization that works to protect and improve the quality of Florida’s water resources.

The FWQA is committed to educating the public about water conservation and protecting our state’s water resources. The organization also works with businesses, industries, and local governments to promote the best water use and wastewater treatment practices.

This blog post will provide an overview of the FWQA and its work to improve water quality in Florida. So, let’s dive into it.

What Is Florida Water Quality Association?

The Florida Water Quality Association (FWQA) is a not-for-profit trade organization representing the interests of the private water industry in Florida.

The members include utilities that provide water and wastewater services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers; companies that manufacture, distribute or service water industry products and services; and other professionals and individuals interested in the water industry.

The FWQA is dedicated to preserving and protecting our most precious resource, water. Providing clean, safe water to the citizens is one of the essential responsibilities of government and industry.

To meet this challenge, the FWQA works with state and local officials, legislators, regulators, and the public to ensure that sound science and common sense are applied in deciding Florida’s water resources.

What Does The Florida Water Quality Association Do?

Florida Water Quality Association has many responsibilities to help protect water resources. A few of these include:

Advocating The Public For Proper Water Management

It is not common knowledge what goes into taking care of water resources. The Florida Water Quality Association wants to ensure that the people have a voice regarding managing their water. Advocating for the public means a few different things to the Association.

It includes testifying in front of state legislators, working with agencies that oversee water resources, and even taking legal action when necessary. Water treatment professionals that are a part of the Association also provide free water testing to homeowners.

Offering Education and Resources

The association provides education for its members and the public. It is done through webinars, conferences, and even an annual symposium. It offers resources on its websites, such as fact sheets, position statements, publications, and more.

FWQA does not just provide resources and education to water treatment professionals, homeowners, and businesses. The committee members of the Association work hard to provide helpful content that is easy to understand.

They allow retailer finance programs so water treatment companies can offer their services to those who cannot afford them otherwise.

Working With Policy Makers To Improve Water Management Laws

Urban areas are constantly growing, so the water demand is continuously increasing. This can put a lot of strain on water resources. The Association works with policymakers to help ensure that laws are in place to protect and improve water resources.

This includes working with state and local governments and agencies like the EPA. Meanwhile, rural areas are also susceptible to water quality issues.

The Association also works to improve water management in these areas because the literacy rate is not as high, and people may not know how to protect their water.

Monitoring And Reporting Environmental Changes

Water is indirectly related to almost everything else in the environment. Water quality changes can ripple effects on other parts of the environment.

The Association monitors these changes and reports them to the public. It helps people be aware of changes affecting their health or water quality.

Provide Membership Benefits

The association has many members who have different reasons for joining. Some people participate in education and resources, some join for networking opportunities, and some join because they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

No matter what the reason is, the Association offers benefits to its members. These benefits include exclusive content, discounts, and a voice in the water industry.

Membership is especially essential for water treatment companies because it helps them stay up-to-date on the latest water treatment technologies and regulations.

Offer Certifications To Professionals

The FWQ offers multiple certifications for water treatment professionals. These can help water treatment companies ensure that their employees are adequately trained.

When a water treatment company is a member of the Association, they can also post job openings on the website. This gives them access to a larger pool of potential employees.

Every water treatment company must comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. This act requires that all public water systems have certified operators. The Association can help companies meet this requirement by providing certification for their employees.

Certification is required every 5 years. If your water treatment company fails to renew its certificate, it could be fined and shut down. The license is only valid in the state of Florida.

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