Bissell vs Shark: Finding the Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell vs Shark: Finding the Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is one of those dreaded household chores that needs to be done regularly to keep your home clean. With so many vacuum brands on the market, it can be tough deciding which one will best suit your needs.

Two of the top contenders are Bissell and Shark – but which one reigns supreme as the ultimate cleaning champion?

Let’s compare Bissell vs Shark vacuum cleaner brands across critical criteria. By the end, you’ll have all the info you need to declare whether Bissell or Shark is the clear winner when it comes to cleaning your home.

Suction StrengthAdequate suction, but deteriorates quickly.Complete Seal Suction Closure" maintains peak airflow, no need for frequent bin emptying.
Brush Roll DesignsBristled brush rolls with limited deep cleaning.Patented DuoClean brush roll with fins for deeper cleaning.
ManeuverabilityNimble and swivel-friendly upright vacuums.Detachable Lift-Away canisters for off-floor cleaning, but bulkier and less graceful in open spaces.
Power and Suction CapabilitySuction ranges from 5 to 13.5 amps, up to 4000 watts.Suction ratings between 800 to 1300 watts, Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum with 500 air watts.
Filtration and Dust Cup DesignHEPA filters, quick and hygienic dirt cup release.Complete HEPA systems, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, self-cleaning brush rolls, Easy Lift-Away Canister.
Design and AccessoriesVariety of over 20 vacuum types, diverse accessories.Minimalistic approach with 6 categorized vac lines, LED lights, lift-away canisters for easy navigation.

Suction Strength Showdown


• Most Bissell vacuums offer adequate suction capabilities in the 1000-1400 watt power range depending on specific model. Impressive numbers on paper for sure.

• Testing them in real life situations though, it became clear airflow and thus suction definitely deteriorates quicker than expected.

• As soon as dirt and dust start to accumulate in Bissell’s bin filling towards capacity, visible suction reduction appears compromising debris lift-up from carpets and floors.

• Having to stop repeatedly to empty canisters also negatively impacts cleaning momentum. The constant start-stop-empty routine grew tiring quickly.

• Alternatively, Shark vacuums rely on an internal technology they coined “Complete Seal Suction Closure”.

• This fancy phrasing refers to their fully sealed bin system that, as the name implies, blocks all suction leakage during use.

• So, while Bissells bleed suction, Sharks maintain peak airflow allowing enhanced edge-to-edge debris lifting abilities all session long.

• No need to pause cleaning runs to dump everything collected thus far. Shark owners can power through rooms without pesky dust bin detours hampering progress.

Battle of Brush Roll Designs


• A staple of Bissell vacuums involves bristled brush rolls using strands and hairs to make contact with debris.

• The spinning rows of bristles help flick and lightly scatter finer dust/dirt into suction pathway for pickup.

• On deeper carpet surfaces, bristle rely mainly on suction power alone to lift and extract the debris since they don’t fully reach down into carpet pile density.

• For surface-level fine particulate, bristles certainly pull their fair share successfully. But the design lacks oomph and pull-through extractive abilities on medium-to-high pile carpeting.


• Shark pioneered their patented DuoClean brush roll utilizing two types of materials – bristles AND raised rubber touches they coined “fins”.

• These fins add a flexible comb-like quality to the roll letting them penetrate down into carpeting fiber piles much deeper than bristles alone.

• As they spin, the rubberized fins flex to surround and dislodge all sizes of debris hiding within carpet stands – from surface dust to heavy dirt nestled at the base.

• The leading front also incorporates bristles to flick up what the fins uproot so suction transports it neatly into the bin.

• Tests showed DuoClean technology pulled up so much more grime compared to my Bissell’s sole reliance on bristle brushes.

To visually showcase the difference, I did a comparison test in a high traffic spot of my living room on an area rug. After thoroughly vacuuming the same 3′ x 3′ section with each model, Shark removed exponentially more dirt, dust, hair and other debris that my Bissell missed earlier.

Maneuverability Muscle


• Bissell upright vacuums shine regarding effortless steering and handling. Models like the CleanView Swivel excel here.

• Multi-surface friendly wheels, smooth pivot motion, and articulating swivel bodies makes navigating these vacuums feel almost graceful.

• They beautifully flow right along with me – never dragging or feeling unruly even through congested furniture layouts. I can zip around and change direction on a dime.

• Reaching further under kickspaces or beds does require manually tilting the unit backwards. But day-to-day, Bissells prove some of the most nimble upright vacuums I’ve ever maneuvered.


• Shark uses detachable canisters dubbed “Lift-Away” enabling you to operate just the portable pod when cleaning off-floor spots.

• Leave the motorized head parked in place while carrying only the lightweight canister + wand to furniture, ceilings, shelves and stairs.

• Clearing surfaces like drapes or ceiling fans no longer strains my shoulder and back thanks the vastly reduced pod weight compared to lugging 20+ pound vacuums awkwardly overhead all bent over.

• But Shark’s overall bulkier chassis does inhibit free-flowing mobility through wide open floor spaces. Expect to move slower and less gracefully steering them vs. the freedom of swiveling Bissells.

Power and Suction Capability

First up – suction capability. After all, the primary function of any vacuum is picking up dust and debris effectively. Both Bissell and Shark offer a range of vacuums at different price points with suction power to match.

Bissell’s suction ranges from about 5 amps on some of its basic models up to 13.5 amps on its heavy duty Deep Clean Pro. These amp measurements translate to around 1700 watts up to a powerful 4000 watts on Bissell’s top models.

Shark comes in a close second with suction ratings between 800 to 1300 watts depending on the model. Their Vertex Cordless Stick Vacuum tops the charts with an incredible 500 air watts of suction power.

Many folks find Shark’s suction offers deeper cleaning for carpets compared to other brands. Their DuoClean technology features both a soft roller and bristle brush working together to pull more dust and debris out of rugs in testing.

So, for maximum suction for deep cleaning carpets, we have to give the edge to Shark in this round. But Bissell offers greater versatility for whole home cleaning with varying power levels across both cordless stick vacs and heftier corded upright models.

Filtration and Dust Cup Design

A key factor when shopping for a new vacuum is the filtration system which determines how much dust and allergens get recirculated into your home vs captured. HEPA filters are becoming standard which are designed to capture 99.97% of allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Bissell makes use of HEPA filters across much of its vacuum line including affordable options like the Featherweight Stick Vacuum under $100 up to the premium Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Pro. Emptying Bissell’s dirt cups is quick and hygienic with a bottom release hatch.

Once again Shark is right on Bissell’s tail when it comes to filtration. Most Shark vacuums also boast complete HEPA systems including Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and self-cleaning brush rolls to inhibit dust build up.

Their patented Easy Lift-Away Canister enables quick and mess-free dirt disposal compared to messy bags used by other brands. This thoughtful design really cuts down on clean up time after vacuuming.

Since both companies lead the way with quality HEPA filtration, it’s too close to call a definitive winner in this category. For keeping dust under control, filtration capabilities seem evenly matched between these brands.

Design and Accessories

Storing a big bulky vacuum or struggling to clean hard to reach spots are problems shoppers hope to avoid with smart, compact designs. So how do Bissell and Shark shape up when it comes to maneuverability and included accessories for tackling every cleaning scenario?

Bissell wins points for variety with over 20 different vacuum types from lightweight cordless stick vacs to industrial level carpet cleaners. Popular sellers include the Featherweight stick vac at just under four pounds and versatile CleanView upright bagless vac under $100.

Shark takes the more minimalistic approach but still covers all the bases with 6 categorized vac lines including the agile IQ Robot Vacuum with self cleaning brush roll and home mapping.

Much of Shark’s lineup features swivel steering, lift-away canisters, and LED headlights making them super easy to navigate under furniture and target messes in hard to reach areas.

It’s a close one, but Shark gets the edge for superior maneuverability. Between LED lights, flexible joints, and removable canisters, you can’t go wrong with Shark for easily cleaning those frustrating dust bunnies other vacuums miss!


Which Vacuum Brand Is Better For Deep Cleaning Carpets, Bissell Or Shark?

Shark dominates carpet deep cleaning. Their unique DuoClean technology uses soft rollers and bristle brushes to remove dust and dirt from rugs better than Bissell’s. For powerful carpet cleaning, Shark’s suction and design are ideal.

Do Bissell Vacuums Maneuver Better Than Shark Vacuums?

Bissell vacuums, especially uprights like the CleanView Swivel, are manoeuvrable. Bissell vacuums steer and handle easily with multi-surface wheels, smooth pivot motion, and articulating swivel bodies. Some of the most agile upright vacuums, they glide over furniture jams.

Which Hoover Has Greater Allergen Filtering, Bissell Or Shark?

Bissell and Shark HEPA systems capture 99.97% allergens and particulates. Even the cheap Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum has HEPA filtration. Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and self-cleaning brush rolls make vacuuming clean. These brands filter similarly.

How Can Shark Vacuums With Smart Home Technologies Improve Cleaning?

Shark vacuums, especially the IQ Robot Vacuum, have smart home technologies. The technology includes self-cleaning brush rolls, house mapping, and enhanced navigation. Shark’s dedication to smart home technologies makes cleaning easier.

What Makes Shark The Best Cleaner In The Comparison?

Shark’s powerful suction, unique designs for hard-to-reach areas, and smart home technology make it the best cleaner.

Shark’s DuoClean brush roll technology, lift-away canisters, swivel steering, and LED lights set it apart. Shark is the best choice for budget-conscious cleaners that want great results on carpets, hard floors, and with pets or kids.

The Verdict

In this head-to-head battle between leading vacuum brands, Shark takes gold as the undisputed cleaning champion! While Bissell offers outstanding cleaning capabilities across various price points, Shark simply can’t be matched when it comes to superior suction, innovative designs for hard to reach areas, and continually advancing smart home technology with their robot vacuums – all at reasonable prices.

If you seek effortless deep cleaning carpet power with versatile accessories to tackle every dust bunny hiding spot, Shark has a vacuum to satisfy. Their swivel steering and lift away components makes storage a breeze while still boasting heavy duty filtration and large capacity dirt cups found on premium vacuums.

For any home or family seeking maximum cleaning convenience without breaking the budget, Shark simply can’t be beat as the ultimate cleaning champion!

So, there you have it – whether you primarily have carpet or hard floors, pets or kids, for outstanding and affordable results choose a Shark vacuum as your go-to cleaning companion.

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