Dirt Devil vs Bissell Vacuums: Key Features Compared

Dirt Devil vs Bissell Vacuums: Key Features Compared

When choosing between vacuum cleaner brands Dirt Devil and Bissell, there are several key features to consider before deciding which one best fits your cleaning needs.

Evaluating suction power, filtration, attachments, manoeuvrability, price and more enables an informed decision when investing in these indispensable cleaning tools. Read on for a detailed comparison of Dirt Devil vs Bissell vacuum features to determine the superior option for your home.

FeatureDirt DevilBissell
Suction PowerDecent in lower-end models, cyclonic and cordless options offer stronger suctionUtilizes cyclonic and specialized brush rolls for superior suction across models
FiltrationBasic foam filters trap larger debris, some models offer true HEPAConsistently uses foam and replaceable filters for fine particle capture, some offer true HEPA
AttachmentsProvides vital accessories but lacks pet hair tools and specialty nozzlesIncludes useful bonus tools for versatility, plus specialty nozzles for detailing
ManoeuvrabilityLightweight builds under 12 lbs offer pleasing controlAims to reduce strain with adjustable handles, pivoting heads and smooth wheels
PriceBudget-friendly models under $100, very affordable overallBudget options under $120 but also high-end smart vacuums over $500
Surface CleaningBest for hard floors and area rugs, lacks power for thick carpetsSpecialty brush rolls perfect deep carpet cleaning across models
Pet HairFew models cater to pets; suitable for quick cleanupsNumerous pet-specialized turb brushes customized for hair removal
Cordless Run TimeRecent models offer 30+ minutes per chargeTypical charges last 30+ minutes, ample for quick cleanups

Overview of Brands

As leading vacuum manufacturers, Dirt Devil and Bissell are well-known for their respective product lines spanning upright, stick, handheld, and even steam mop vacuums.

While Bissell captured a larger 25% market share in 2021 compared to Dirt Devil’s 7%, both companies offer quality vacuums across various price points. From heavy-duty deep carpet cleaners to convenient cordless models, respectively unique features help distinguish between these competitive brands.

Suction Power

A vacuum’s suction represents the amount of lifting strength applied to debris inside carpet fibers, along hard floors, and in difficult crevices. Powerful suction makes efficient cleaning possible.

Dirt Devil offers decent suction capabilities in lower-end models using traditional vacuum motors. Higher-end Dirt Devil options utilize innovative cyclonic technology to spin and separate dust while optimizing air flow for stronger suction.

Some lightweight cordless stick vacuums like the Endura Max boast powerful 20V lithium-ion batteries surpassing many plugin rivals.

Bissell cyclonic vacuums also spin air faster for concentrated dirt separation and suction strength using unique designs like the CycloneForce system. Several high-performing plug-in options match uprights thanks to specialized brush roll designs that pull more dirt into suction channels.

Lithium powered cordless vacuums offer strong constant runtimes at typical 18-25V capacities.

Filtration Systems

Well-designed filtration stops dust and allergens escaping back into the air during the vacuuming process for purified indoor air quality after cleaning carpet and floors. From foam to true HEPA, filtration quality varies greatly across affordable Dirt Devil and deluxe Bissell models.

Dirt Devil budget vacuums utilize basic foam filters that trap larger debris as air passes back out of the vacuum. These require frequent replacing for optimal effectiveness.

Pricier Dirt Devil options upgrade to true HEPA media filtration trapping over 99% of dangerous fine allergens for cleaner air and easier maintenance thanks to lifetime washable designs.

Bissell consistently uses multiple levels of filtration, even in more affordable models, pairing pre-motor foam with replaceable post-motor filters made of felt, pleated paper, and their patented Febreze line capturing odors.

Higher-end options often include true HEPA or comparable designs releasing purified exhaust air while trapping fine allergens during cleaning.

Attachments and Accessories

Versatile cleaning relies on a variety of useful snap-on attachments tailored to cleaning upholstery, stairs, curtains, vehicles and more surfaces. Dirt Devil sticks to basics while Bissell expands offerings.

Dirt Devil provides vital accessories like crevice tools, brush roll toggles, and extension wands on most models for added versatility tackling messes on stairs, furniture and ceilings. Lacking floor nozzles, motorized pet brushes and specialty detailing kits however limits capabilities compared to deluxe rivals.

Bissell ensures most models include useful bonus tools like upholstery nozzles, extension wands, dusting brushes and edge cleaning additions.

Unique offerings boost customization further via LED illuminated crevice devices, pet hair specialized turbine brushes, and whole accessory kits with storage bags tailored to vehicles, stairs, and detail cleaning.


Cleaning comfort and convenience relates greatly to how easily a vacuum model handles across various floor types while eliminating fatigue during longer cleaning sessions. Important factors range from overall weight, wand flexibility, steering, and swivel capabilities.

Dirt Devil vacuums offer pleasing control and movement with streamlined builds ranging under 12 pounds for their cordless stick options. Even affordable uprights utilize swivel steering making maneuvering around obstacles and under furniture easier despite larger weights up to 16 pounds.

Bissell aims to ease user strain via adjustable handles, lightweight stick and cordless constructions reducing fatigue even when tackling large homes.

Smooth-rolling wheels, swivel heads, even unique maneuver technologies like WindTunnel pivots and deep-cleaning Spotbot movements provide effortless navigation up stairs, underneath furniture to maximize cleaning reach.

Price Considerations

Affordability makes Dirt Devil a frontrunner while Bissell expands premium offerings in higher price tiers. Comparing models in the same class however proves beneficial.

Dirt Devil positions as a solid budget-friendly solution with popular stick vacuums averaging under $100 while uprights and even newer cordless models range an affordable $120-$170 or less. Representing quality functionality on a wallet-friendly scale makes this an ideal brand for first-time vacuum buyers.

Bissell also offers budget-conscious options costing below $120, though mid-range models spanning $150-$300 boast professional-grade multi-surface cleaning, made easier thanks to convenient cordless maneuverability and specialized brush rolls tackling embedded pet hair with ease during regular maintenance.

High-end Bissells integrate mapping navigation, obstacle avoidance, and self-cleaning for advanced autonomous cleaning that commands premium price tags extending above $500 in many cases.

Customer Satisfaction History

Considering the experiences of other customers helps gauge real-world reliability and effectiveness for either brand. Both Dirt Devil and Bissell aim to please buyers, though feedback varies.

Dirt Devil earns mixed reviews, praised for affordable functionality, though criticized for lower suction capabilities declining further over years of use along with reports of durability issues in motors and parts needing frequent repairs. Less expensive models still satisfy most basic cleaning jobs.

Bissell fairs better across thousands of reviews, noted for lasting performance thanks to cyclonic technologies optimizing airflow even years after purchase.

Pet hair specialized offerings also rank well along with overall ease of use. Some downsides include bulkier builds in certain heavier uprights challenging portability and accessory compatibility issues occasionally arising during product transitions.


All vacuums require eventual maintenance, making included warranties key protections once issues emerge. Warranty terms align closely for both brands.
Dirt Devil protects new vacuum purchases with standard 1-year limited warranties covering defects and manufacturer flaws.

Consumers pay for repairs and maintenance outside that initial 12-month window. Extended third-party warranties stretch coverage further for buyers wanting extra peace of mind.

Bissell matches with similar standard 12-month limited warranties on most new models, also covering original manufacturing defects. Select specialty vacuums stretch coverage length to 2 or 3 years, though the majority carry the 1 year term.

As with Dirt Devil, buyers seeking coverage beyond that initial period can pursue third-party extended protection plans at added cost for further repair safeguards.

Conquering Surface Cleaning

A vacuum’s cleaning prowess proves paramount to lift debris from carpets and hard floors without leaving stragglers behind. Across tile, wood, rugs and beyond, Dirt Devil and Bissell models utilize brushes and suction innovations with varying results.

· Dirt Devil best suits hard floors and area rugs thanks to streamlined, lightweight builds and user-friendly designs. Budget price points enhance appeal, though lower suction caps capabilities on high pile carpets. Still, simplicity kills clutter on the queue!

· Bissell perfects deep carpet cleaning via specialty brush rolls pulling embedded dirt upward into suction channels, made possible even on stairs or upholstery thanks to detachable portable pods. From commercial-grade rotations to clutter-busting boost modes, Bissell ensures gleaming floors await!

Wrangling Wild Pet Hair

Pet owners wage endless war on clinging fur and dander permeating upholstery and carpets. Tackling embedded strands challenges vacuums lacking specialized brushes. How do Dirt Devil and Bissell compare conquering willful fur?

· Dirt Devil few models cater explicitly to pet owners outside basic brush roll or crevice tool additions only moderately improving hair removal between deeper manual grooming sessions. Stick vacuums stay suitable for quick cleanups.

· Bissell utilizes innovative rubber turbine brushes across numerous pet-specialized models, customized suction channels amplifying hair removal. Combined with deep carpet cleaning modes, pet dander and hair meet their demise!

Body Design Factors

A vacuum’s build and dimensions contribute greatly to cleaning convenience, portability and accessibility – imperative for quickly tackling unexpected spills or heavy-traffic zones. Important considerations include overall weight, storage footprint and user ergonomics facilitating control.

· Dirt Devil impresses with ultra-lightweights builds: their Endura Max stick model tips scales at under four pounds! Even full-size options maintain manageable 12-16 pound weights for easier carrying up stairs. Compact storage suits tight spaces.

· Bissell also offers convenient three to five-pound cordless sticks, though some specialized uprights range heavier. Unique built-in storage helps minimize footprints when not actively cleaning. Carry handles and adjustable poles ease user strains nonetheless.

Ergonomic Elements

Manoeuvrability and control ease user fatigue – crucial for maintaining cleaning momentum and productivity during lengthy sessions. Aspects like weight distribution, wrist-friendly poles and swivel steering assist navigation comfort.

· Dirt Devil stays simple using inline pole designs across stick vacuums for straightforward pointing. Most models also incorporate smooth-rolling wheels and geared rotation supporting library-quiet steering ease.

· Bissell perfects control via advanced swivel and pivot steering allowing effortless cleaning even under low furniture. Customizable pole heights, wrist-rest handles and strategically-placed easy-empty dirt bins further amplify experience, minimizing user strain.

Cordless Convenience

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries free newest models from cumbersome cords, permitting cleaning access anywhere without annoying plug transfers. But runtimes and charging rates still vary.

· Dirt Devil impresses among more affordable options like the sub-$100 Endura Max cordless stick running over 30 minutes per charge – at par with many premium rivals and using convenient wall mounts.

· Bissell also offers budget-friendly cordless vacuums along with their unique Crosswave wet-dry hybrids and high-end Lux models boasting sophisticated navigation mapping. Typical charges last 30+ minutes – ample for tackling unexpected spills with convenience!

Final Verdict

When choosing between Dirt Devil and Bissell vacuum cleaners, Bissell emerges the winner for outstanding performance innovations optimized across useful offerings spanning affordable essential functionality up to autonomous navigation at premium tiers.

From multi-cyclonic suction maximizing embedded dirt and pet hair removal to specialized tools tackling detailed cleaning jobs with ease, Bissell ensures versatile, lasting quality accessible to budgets both limited and luxurious.


1. Which Has Better Suction Power, Dirt Devil Or Bissell?

Bissell vacuums utilize cyclonic technology and specialized brush rolls across models for superior suction power lifting debris from deep carpet fibers and crevices. Dirt Devil offers decent suction in lower-end models but cordless and high-end cyclonic options help optimize air flow for improved cleaning strength.

2. How Do The Filtration Systems Compare Between The Brands?

Bissell consistently uses multiple layers of filtration including foams, replaceable felts and papers plus some models add true HEPA. This captures fine particles for cleaner exhaust air. Dirt Devil budget models rely on basic foam filters needing frequent replacement while some upgrade to reusable HEPA filters.

3. What Extra Attachments Do Bissell Vacuums Include?

Bissell ensures most models include useful bonus tools like upholstery nozzles, mini powered brushes, extension wands beyond the standard accessories. Some pet vacuum models also include specialized turbine fur brushes and LED crevice spotlights for customized cleaning jobs.

4. Why Are Bissell Vacuums Easier To Maneuver?

Bissell focuses on easing user strain with vacuums having adjustable handles, lightweight cordless models, smooth-rolling wheels and unique steering technologies like WindTunnel pivots allowing effortless transitioning under and around furniture.

5. How Long Do Dirt Devil Stick Vacuums Run On A Single Charge?

Dirt Devil’s Endura Max cordless stick vacuum offers over 30 minutes of peak cleaning runtime thanks to the powerful 20V lithium ion battery. This positions among the top tier for affordable cordless models, keeping pace with many premium rivals per charge.

Dirt Devil appeals based predominantly on very wallet-friendly price tags however, so remains ideal for supplementing cleaning between deeper carpet treatments or tackling quick messes.

Just temper expectations for longevity and capabilities when purchasing their basic, streamlined models. Visit our website today and compare top-rated options across these leading vacuum brands side-by-side to determine your perfect match!

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