A Simple Guide To Help You Choose Between Glidden And Behr Paints

A Simple Guide To Help You Choose Between Glidden And Behr Paints

Are you confused when choosing the right paint brand? Don’t worry, because everyone faces this problem. In this article, Glidden and Behr will be the top focus because they are top paint brands that offer the best quality paints for various purposes.

While Glidden and Behr paint, both offer quality and versatility, which is the better option if you had to choose between the two?

In a practical situation, the answer varies depending on what you want to paint, how much you want to spend, and what kind of paint you like. For example, the number of applications required to cover a surface adequately will ultimately depend on its thickness.

So, if you want to know more about the glidden vs behr paint topic, this article will help you gain clarity.

Branding of Behr and Glidden

If you’re unfamiliar with Behr and Glidden, Behr is a Masco brand paint that can only be purchased at The Home Depot.

Glidden is a PPG brand, and you can buy it at The Home Depot. It is also available at Wal-Mart and is far more reasonably priced paint for those on a tight painting budget.

Before buying the paint, you can use these calculators, which can help you get the right amount of paint.

Behr Paint Calculator

Glidden Paint Calculator

Glidden And Behr Paint Price

As already mentioned above, Glidden and Behr differ significantly from one another in terms of cost. Compared to Glidden, Behr is significantly more expensive. Behr paint costs around $15 for a quart and $34 for a gallon.

Their Marquee paint options cost a little more than that. On the other hand, Glidden is far less expensive. The price of a gallon of Glidden varies from $18 to $14, depending on the variety. Their Diamond brand paint is slightly more expensive than their other paints because it is of higher quality.

Therefore, if pricing is your only concern, Glidden is the preferable paint. On the other hand, you should read about these two paints if different quality options and paint versatility are more important to you.

Paint coatings of Glidden and Behr

The total number of coats of paint needed to cover the surface that needs to be painted completely is crucial. But why is it important? Adding more coats means more labour, more time dedicated to a particular paint job, and potentially more money paid in compensation if you run your own painting service company.

Most painting companies want their jobs finished correctly and on schedule.

Behr paints wins in this factor against Glidden. When applying Behr, a surface usually only requires one coat. But, when applying Glidden, you must usually put two or more coats on.

Many customers have posted reviews claiming that Glidden’s lighter colors, like white and gray, usually only need one coat, but their deeper colors, like blue, often require more.

Behr offers a wide range of filters. Specifically, adhesives because they make it tack up rapidly. It might not be a problem for experts, but DIY folks might find it more challenging to work with.

Color options from Behr and Glidden

Glidden and Behr both manufacture a vast range of paint colors. The companies also offer an array of tools and resources to properly select a color and paint it.

However, many painters and experts suggest choosing the paint color only after determining which brand to purchase, as Glidden and Behr’s colors differ slightly.

You can try out a colour before buying a whole gallon of paint with the 8-ounce paint samples that both brands offer. Furthermore, Glidden and Behr provide professional online resources to assist users in selecting the right paint color for their needs.

Glidden’s Color Tools:

Glidden makes over a thousand paint colors. So, Glidden also offers various internet tools to assist you in selecting the color of paint. With the Glidden Room Visualizer tool, you can see how a color will appear in any room in your home.

To see an idea of how the space will look, simply upload a clear, well-lit photo, select the color or colors you like, and then click “paint.”

One particularly useful feature of these tools is the ability to select a color scheme based on an image. Thus, you can submit a photo of an object that influences the style of your space, such as an artwork or a beaded cushion, and Glidden will display all the colors that go with that particular item of inspiration.

Behr’s Color Support:

Behr’s palette does not specify the amount of colors it contains, but the Explore Color tool provides a detailed breakdown of each color family. Like Glidden, Behr offers a visualization tool to help you visualize the appearance of your painted space.

In contrast to Glidden’s tool capabilities, Behr allows you to share your project via email or social media and to examine a side-by-side before and after view. In summary, Behr provides more personalization.

The full range of colors from Behr’s collection will be available to you, just like with Glidden, but as a bonus, you’ll get to speak with a real color expert as you work on your project.

Reasons To Choose Behr Or Glidden Paints

Glidden’s paints seem to be better than Behr’s when painting a concrete surface or brick wall, even though Behr appears better. Simply put, Behr is not as effective on brick and concrete as Glidden is.

The best thing that performs is the Glidden’s Premium paints. You can even paint stucco and wood beautifully using Glidden’s Premium Semi-Gloss Latex Exterior paint.

Its porous nature explains why it performs admirably on materials like masonry and concrete. This means the paint allows moisture to escape with ease. So naturally, this also reduces the growth of mildew and mold.

While Behr paint performs better on almost any other type of surface, including all outdoor surfaces, it is less effective than Glidden on brick and concrete. This covers trim, wood, vinyl, siding, patio furniture, and doors of all kinds.

Additionally, every paint product from Behr is mould and mildew-resistant. The company even admits to using a primer in its paint products for better performance and appearance.

Many homeowners and painters find themselves torn between choosing glidden vs behr for their painting needs, but crossing out one factor at once helps them decide.

Comparing Behr’s Marquee and Glidden’s Diamond

Marquee by Behr and Diamond by Glidden are the most expensive paints. If you want to choose between these two paints, you can look at online reviewers who demonstrate their nature by mixing and painting them on various surfaces.

Compared to Glidden’s Diamond, Behr’s Marquee had superior coverage. The Marquee had superior coverage, although both paints can spread easily and dry quite quickly.

The Best Choice Among Glidden And Behr

You have two reasons for selecting Glidden paints over Behr paints. The first one is that you intend to paint on a concrete or brick wall. The second one is you’re trying to save money on printing costs.

But other than these reasons, Behr paints are a better option. You won’t need as many coats to completely cover the surface when using Behr paint because it is more versatile and comes with a lifetime guarantee for customers.

Glidden is undoubtedly an excellent paint for the money, so this is not to say it’s not a nice paint.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this glidden vs behr paint comparison offered you valuable information that is useful for your paint work. Use this information and think well before buying the right paint for your needs.

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