Which Is The Superior Premium Paint Between Behr Dynasty Vs Marquee?

Which Is The Superior Premium Paint Between Behr Dynasty Vs Marquee?

Are the Behr Marquee and Behr Dynasty paints in your mind?

Marquee was Behr’s most exclusive (and pricey) paint until 2021. But the Dynasty currently holds that honor.

Then, is Dynasty worth the added expense? Or should you choose Marquee to save money?

Through this article you get answers to those queries in this contrast between Behr Dynasty and Marquee.

You’ll discover how they vary in terms of coverage, toughness, aesthetics, cost, and other crucial characteristics. Additionally, after reading this piece, you should be clear on what both options are recommended by paint experts.

Let’s get started!

Similarities Between Behr Scuff Defense vs Marquee

The similarities between Marquee paint and the Behr Dynasty are covered first in this piece. Both of these premium paint lines share a number of characteristics.

Paint and Base:

In order to provide coverage comparable to both a primer and a paint in a single object, Dynasty and Marquee paints are both self-priming.

On walls that have already been painted, paint and primer combinations like Behr Marquee and Dynasty perform well. However, in some circumstances, you’ll need to use priming before painting.

If you are painting, priming a surface is essential for better coverage and a longer-lasting finish.

Exposed, highly porous surfaces

Wallboard or concrete

Incomplete timber

Unfinished, raw metal

Surfaces with current, intense hues


Both Marquee and Dynasty interior paints provide excellent covering. Up to 400 square feet can be painted with one gallon of paint. In order to put things into perspective, a normal bedroom is 150 square feet.

Per gallon, marquee exterior paint can fill 250–400 square feet. Depending on how many layers are required, the coverage will vary. Behr advises applying two layers for maximum coverage.

Organic Volatile Substances (VOCs):

Paint solvents called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emit gas as the paint dries. The gas can disappear rapidly or gradually over months or years, depending on the paint.

Low-VOC paints include the Dynasty and Marquee brands. Both paint lines have levels that differ depending on the finish, but all of the choices have VOC content that is less than 50 g/L, which is far below the federal limit.

Additionally, both paints are UL GREENGUARD® Gold Certified, a certification provided to goods that adhere to strict guidelines for emitting few chemicals into the air when used indoors.

Barren Period:

The drying period for the Dynasty and Marquee paint lines is one hour. They both need two hours to dry before applying a second coat when required, even though they are both dry to the touch after an hour.

Environmental factors like low temps, high humidity, and high altitude can speed up or slow down the drying process.


There are over 1,400 colors to choose from in the complete spectrum of Behr colors, which are offered in both Dynasty and Marquee interior paints. More than 700 colors are offered for the marquee exterior.

All Dynasty and Marquee paints tinted with colors from the Behr One-Coat Color Collection and a few other One-Coat Hide Behr palettes are guaranteed to cover in one application.


With water and a mild detergent, like Dawn or Ivory dishwashing liquid, Dynasty and Marquee internal and exterior paint is readily cleaned.

When removing grime or stains from painted walls, never use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals because they could harm the finish.

Blocking-Stain Device:

Dynasty and Marquee both provide better stain resistance if you’re looking for a paint.

Dynasty interior paint is defined as “our most stain proof, scuff resistant, fast-drying, one-coat coverage paint & primer, ever” on the Behr website.

Both paint lines repel new stains while blocking existing stains on previously painted surfaces. The stain-repelling technology prolongs the finish’s freshness.

Differences Between Behr Premium Plus And Dynasty

After that, the differences between the Dynasty v/s Marquee paint styles will be covered.

Interior and Exterior:

You can choose between the Marquee vs. Dynasty paint lines for indoor painting. But if you need something done outside, Marquee is your only choice.


Dynasty and Marquee have different finishes, despite the fact that all acrylics are semi-gloss.

There are several finishes offered for Dynasty interior:

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Semi-gloss

There are several designs for marquee interior:

  • Matte
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss

There are several finishes offered for marquee exterior.

  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss

Volume Solids

How do you choose a paint brand and type? What do you need to know about volume compounds?

The parts of paint that are still present after drying are called volume solids. Water (or another solvent), pigment, fillers, and a binding substance are the components of paint.

Think about the illustration of painting a space. The way the components interact is as follows:

  • The liquid component of the paint that lets you apply it to the room’s walls is called the solvent, which can be water, oil, or alkyd.
  • Color is imparted to paint by pigment.
  • Paint is given additional qualities by additives, including stain preventing and self-leveling.
  • The pigment and additives are retained by the binding substance.

Scuff and Mar Resistance

The fact that Dynasty has additives that increase its scuff and mar resistance is one of the greatest differences between Dynasty v/s Behr Marquee.

Marquee is a tough paint, but because it lacks these additives, it is more likely to show scuff marks when rubbed against by furniture, toys, vacuums, or other items.


In general, Behr Dynasty interior paint costs a little bit more than Marquee interior paint. Of course, prices will differ based on the finish you select. You’ll pay about $7 more per gallon for Dynasty.

What Experts at The Home Depot Say About Behr Dynasty vs. Marquee

To learn more about the distinctions between Marquee and Behr Dynasty, the two leading paint brands at The Home Depot.

First, consult the hue expert at The Home Depot in Natick, Massachusetts. She told me that although Dynasty and Behr Marquee are both one-coat paints, Dynasty has superior flow and scuff protection (which is also present in Behr Ultra paint).

She stated that while Dynasty is smoother and thinner and easier to spread, some customers gripe that Marquee is too thick and sticky.

According to this expert, Dynasty beats Marquee in terms of overall quality and robustness. It was developed by Behr to compete with expensive paints like the Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Benjamin Moore Aura paint brands.

The disadvantage of Dynasty, she continued, is that it costs more than Marquee and doesn’t have a satin sheen.

Consult the colour specialist at The Home Depot in Watertown, Massachusetts to get a second opinion. He verified what the other expert had told me before.

He claimed that Behr’s newest paint brand is called Dynasty. Like Marquee, Dynasty is a one-coat paint, but it is more durable and offers better stain and abrasion resistance.

He claimed that Dynasty gives you the high-gloss longevity regardless of the finish you choose.

As like ceiling and wall paint may seem equivalent, but essential distinctions set them apart. One key difference between ceiling paint and wall paint is the composition of the color itself. Ceiling paint is devised to be thicker than wall paint, which lets it adhere to the ceiling surface without leaking or splattering. This thicker consistency also helps to hide imperfections on the ceiling.

But on the other hand, wall paint is generally thinner and more flexible than ceiling paint, making it more accessible to apply smoothly to vertical surfaces. Wall paint is also available in a broader range of finishes, from flat to high-gloss, to suit different design preferences.

There are other differences to consider when it comes to specific paint brands, such as Dynasty and Behr Marquee. One notable difference between these two brands is the use of additives to increase scuff and mar resistance. Dynasty contains these additives, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, Behr Marquee may have a different level of durability than Dynasty in these situations.

In summary, while the ceiling and wall paint serve different purposes, the brand and specific formulation of the color can also impact its performance and suitability for other applications.

What Others Say About Behr Dynasty and Marquee

As you form views about the Behr Dynasty vs. Marquee paint lines, we share the viewpoints of a few other online publications and consumer product review websites here.

The details of the general agreement regarding both paint lines are listed below.


Remember that Dynasty is Behr’s newest paint brand, and it won’t have a reputation like Marquee until it debuts in 2021. In 2013, the marquee exterior made its premiere, and in 2014 the interior formula did too.

Coatings World agreed with Behr’s claim that Dynasty is “Behr’s most innovative new product in company history”. The new pant line’s four-in-one formula is praised for its superior performance because it combines one-coat coverage, scuff resistance, stain blocking, and fast drying in a single can.


Consumer Reports gave the Marquee interior recipe a favorable review. Because of its better hide and stain resistance, reviews gave it a score of 5 out of 5.

Behr Marquee was ranked first for greatest coverage among the top 10 interior paint brands by Country Living.

Reviewers observed that even though it’s not the cheapest, it offers excellent value because you’ll use less paint. Due to its one-coat promise, it is also a well-liked option for painting over old paint.

Consumer Reports’ top five interior colors were compiled by The Washington Post. Behr Marquee received an outstanding rating for coverage and was ranked first overall out of 21 paints tested.

Behr Marquee was one of the top eight one-coat paints on The Spruce’s list of the finest products. This thick paint has a 100% coverage guarantee and is able to conceal flaws.

Should You Pick Marquee Paint or Behr Dynasty?

Now that you know more about the Marquee and Behr Dynasty paint collections, it’s time to choose the right paint for your home improvement job.

Before offering some advice, let’s review the parallels and contrasts:

  • One layer of coverage is provided by the low VOC paints Dynasty and Marquee.
  • Both of them come in a range of hues.
  • The various finishes vary, with Marquee providing the most choices.
  • Both Dynasty and Marquee paint have the same coverage, cure time, and stain blocking.
  • Both of them are simple to clean with water and a gentle detergent.
  • Similar volume solids ratios can be found in both paints.

Bottom line:

Because they both give one-coat coverage, quick dry times, and excellent stain resistance, the Dynasty and Marquee interior paint lines are very similar to one another.

The most significant distinction is that Dynasty has additives that boost its scuff resilience.

But this extra toughness also comes at a higher expense; compared to Marquee, it costs $7 more per gallon. After Dynasty paint debuted in 2021, Marquee was no longer Behr’s most costly paint option.

Usually, when it comes to paint, you get what you pay for. Dynasty will therefore last longer if you’re willing to pay a little bit more, particularly in busy areas.

If you want to save some money, Marquee is still a premium, one-coat paint that is more resilient than many other mid-range paints.


Is Behr Dynasty Paint Acrylic

Its an acrylic based paint. Because of it durability, excellent adhesion and a long-lasting finish its formulated with advanced acrylic resins.

Behr Dynasty Vs Benjamin Moore

Behr Dynasty offers advanced features and durability. Benjamin Moore emphasizes premium quality, color range and its best choice for interior work.

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