How to Change Batteries in Swiffer Wet Jet

How to Change Batteries in Swiffer Wet Jet

Batteries are the only power source on which Swiffer wet jet functioning relies, one may encounter damaged or expired batteries after a period of consuming time or in adverse conditions, even before that. It can be said with conviction that the assemblage of Swiffer wet jets demands time. On top of it, interchanging batteries is considered to be a very uncomplicated task.

But with the guide on How to Change Batteries in a Swiffer Wet Jet, every step has been described in straightforward methods that can ease the process and replace the batteries in no time. To uncover those ways of replacing, read below.

Appropriate Battery Selection For Swiffer Wet Jet

Before jumping to the ways of interchanging, one must be accommodated with the right knowledge of the batteries, as it is one first and foremost step is what batteries does a Swiffer Wetjet take. The certified and the most used battery in the Swiffer wet jet is 4 AA, an extension of AA alkaline batteries.

Where Do The Batteries Go On a Swiffer Wet jet

To locate where to put batteries in the Swiffer Wet Jet, start by turning the Swiffer Wet Jet upside down. You’ll notice a small door or panel at the bottom. This is where are the batteries in the swiffer wet jet. Open the panel to reveal the compartment housing the batteries.

Steps to Replace Or How To Put Batteries in Swiffer Wet Jet

There are four interconnected steps one can refer to when one needs to replace or remove the batteries. These steps are very simple and handy to perform. Moreover, no extra equipment is required other than new batteries. Have a look and know how to disassemble Swiffer We Jet. 

Removing the Cleaner:

Start the process by locating the battery compartment. After locating the battery compartment the next step is how to open a swiffer wet jet battery compartment: Press down on one side of the battery compartment lid to open it, and then lift the other side to remove the canister cap. After that, remove your old batteries and install your new ones.

To reach there and to remove the settled batteries, it is suggested to remove the Swiffer cleaner. This purpose can only be accomplished by holding the WetJet upside down and pushing the button situated ‎between the Swiffer pole and cleaner. Now, you have a firm approach towards pulling down to see the bottle of the cleaner spring out.

Detaching the Tab of the Battery:

After the completion of the initial step, proceed forward and detach the battery tab from the cleaner, you will confront a finger notch that can be pulled down. One can pull it down by using a finger. To achieve the sole purpose, insert the finger inside the opening and this will result in sliding off of the battery cover.

Replacement of the Damaged Batteries With the Fresh Ones:

As now one has opened the battery compartment, the next task should be replacing damaged batteries. The previously inserted batteries should be unfastened and new batteries must be interchanged with them.

While interchanging, be very concerned about the placing of the batteries. One may easily spot directions allotted on the battery compartment. Obviously, no harm will be caused to the wet jet even if batteries are misplaced but it will pose an inconvenience for the user as the Swiffer jet won’t start until the batteries are in the correct position and place.

The Swiffer and the Jet Reassembling:

Once the task is executed then continue with the reassembling of the mop by placing a battery cover. Don’t forget to settle in the liquid cleaner for smooth working.

Don’t put the Swiffer away after it’s back in its original form and the battery compartment is completely closed, even if you don’t need it right away. A test must be performed to ensure the proper functioning of the batteries.

To test the cleaner’s release, press the button on the pole if no liquid is subjected to float out of the cleaner then certainly there is a misplacement. so one will need to start the assembling process from scratch to rectify the mistake. There is no way the Swiffer will continue its functioning if the batteries are at rest.

Disposing of the Damaged or Expired Batteries:

Batteries are compositions of chemicals that cannot be disposed of with the usual garbage or other waste products as they could be harmful to the environment, your pet, and kids if you have any.

When the user has finally ended his part of the task then the batteries obtained from the compartment must be disposed of. They must take charge of the correct disposing of, this point must not be overlooked nor disregarded in any circumstances.

If in any case, one isn’t able to find a recycling bin in the local town then conserve it in a small container, in a dry and cool space and dispose of it whenever the essentialities are accessible. Especially the 4 AA batteries which are used in the Swiffer can be easily recycled so definitely they are the right approach.

How Do You Remove The Top From The Swiffer Wet Jet?

Step 1: Setting Up the Space

Make sure everything is cleared out and that nothing stands in the way of the removal procedure.

Step 2: Separating the Previous Pad

Remove the worn-out pad from the Swiffer Wet Jet’s cleaning head gently. Throw away the old pad correctly.

Step 3: Take the Top Off

Find the release buttons or tabs located on the sides of the top cover of the Swiffer Wet Jet. The top cover can be released by pressing or sliding these buttons.

Step 4: Putting the Top Back on

Once the cleaning solution has been refilled or the pad has been replaced, correctly align and press the top cover until it clicks firmly into place.

Follow these steps to successfully remove the top from the Swiffer Wet Jet. 

How to Charge a Swiffer Wet Jet?

Find the Port for Charging:

On the Swiffer WetJet, locate the charging port. This is frequently found on the device’s underside.

Make use of the charging cable:

The charging cord that comes with the Swiffer WetJet is typically unique. Attach one end of the cord to the WetJet’s charging port.

Link to a Power Source:

Connect the charging cable’s other end to a power outlet or other power source. Verify that the connection is safe and the power source is operational.

Indicator of Charging:

There is a charging indicator light on some versions. When the Swiffer WetJet is charging, this light may turn on or change in colour. To comprehend the charging indicator, see the user manual that corresponds to your particular model.

Charging Time:

Give the Swiffer WetJet the suggested duration of time to charge. Although charging times can differ, they usually take a few hours.

Disconnect and Use:

Unplug the charging cord from the Swiffer WetJet after the charging process is finished. At this point, your gadget ought to be charged and operational.

Swiffer Wet Jet Batteries New Model:

A rechargeable battery pack is introduced with the Swiffer Wet Jet’s latest iteration. With the included charging cable, this battery pack can be conveniently removed and charged. Long-term financial savings may result from the battery pack’s ability to reduce the need for frequent battery purchases and replacements. Rechargeable battery packs are also more environmentally beneficial because fewer batteries wind up in landfills.

The Swiffer Wet Jet may be used with sufficient power from both the old and new model batteries in terms of performance. According to user reports, both models provide enough cleaning strength and endurance for several cleaning sessions. But because of improvements in technology, the new model batteries might provide a little longer runtime.


Swiffer wet jet may need proper assembly and disassembly of the parts while checking on the batteries. Therefore be very certain that no leverage is taken over any part of the Swiffer as it can result in expensive repairs or at times the Swiffer jet may no longer be in the right order.


The battery is an inevitable aspect, in this case, so from time to time interchanging is ought to be done. Disposing and Precautions must be kept in mind and the battery life totally depends upon the shave of the Swiffer wet jet. Hence no estimation is stated, so have always had battery backup.


How Can One take a Swiffer Wet Jet apart?

One should push the little buttons on the sides all the way in, then hold down both buttons (one on each side) at the same time and pull up – this should release the handle piece. After doing this one can resume by removing the middle piece if one doesn’t want to use it.

When One’s Swiffer Wet Jet Stops Operating, What Should one Approach Do?

If Swiffer Wet Jet is not responding correctly then the reason might be the incorrect insertion of the solution bottle. If one has just completed replacing the cleaning solution, double-check that bottle is inserted correctly.

Besides this, one must be very sure that the replaced bottle is thoroughly put inside the product for it to work smoothly.

How Long Do Swiffer Wet Jet Batteries Last?

This gadget needs four AA batteries, depending on the brand. The greatest advice is to replace them when they’re nearly empty or after around 15 minutes of use.

But as mentioned above, this totally depends upon the working and consuming time of the user.

Where is the Battery For the Swiffer Wet Jet?

The batteries are located in compartment 4 aa in the peak high of a Swiffer wet jet, one can easily spot it as it is placed at the back of the water storage reservoir.

The Swiffer’s water reservoir is detachable from its handle and one can also spot a panel that could be unlocked or opened.

Does a Swiffer Need Batteries?

Unexpectedly many WetJet consumers are unaware that the item requires batteries. Maybe they neglected to change the batteries in their WetJet when they put it up months ago. Alternatively, perhaps it was set up by someone else who neglected to mention changing the batteries.

You’re not the only one who has recently discovered that your WetJet need batteries! Because it includes a tiny internal pump that squirts cleaning solution into the floor in front of the cleaning pad, the device runs on batteries. Electricity powers that pump.

How Many Batteries Does A Swiffer Wet Jet Use?

On average, a Swiffer Wet Jet typically utilizes four AA batteries to power its cleaning mechanism. These batteries provide the necessary energy to enable the spray and scrub functions, ensuring effective cleaning with each use

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