8 Practical Tips to Make Your AC Last Longer

8 Practical Tips to Make Your AC Last Longer

AC is an expensive home appliance that you must care for diligently. However, for many reasons, including lack of technical knowledge, poor maintenance, incorrect services, and other inconveniences, you might end up with a broken AC unit in your house without prior notice.

In this article, we’ll share eight practical tips to make your AC last longer in a time and cost-effective manner. If you’ve been wondering how these tips will help you, keep reading this article to the end. You’ll find out by yourself.

Ways to Increase Your AC Efficiency

1.Maintain Cleanliness

AC runs for the whole day, mostly in many houses. If you’re one of those who never clean their AC units for ages, bad days are coming ahead for you. You have to understand that uncleanliness leads to expensive AC repair.

Continuous running of the AC will mean it has caught too much dust, dirt, and mists. Not cleaning your AC will make its unit hot, and an excessively hot AC unit may give up any time.

So, maintain a cleaning schedule of your AC at least once a month. Or call the service at least once every other month to ensure your AC’s sustainability.

2.Give It a Rest

Any machine that continuously runs on electricity should get heated up sooner or later. That’s why giving them some rest in between running is important.

The same principle applies to the AC that’s been serving you on those hot days for hours. Ignoring the need for resting your AC may one day come down to the breakdown of AC motors, capacitors, etc.

In short, you won’t be able to enjoy the desired cool air for a long time unless you get it serviced immediately.

So, turn your AC off when you’re going out and then back on when you’re home. You may turn the thermostat up to five degrees to control the temperature of the AC, aligned with the current atmosphere.

3.Get Regular Tune-ups

You must get your AC tuned up regularly to extend its lifespan. Getting professional tune-up services will keep your AC in its optimum condition, relieving you from excessive maintenance and service costs.

Usually, people get the tune-up services in spring. It’s a common but wise practice since the summer awaits around the corner, which requires your AC to run almost constantly.

On the other hand, a tune-up will get all your AC components closely examined, detected for any problems, cleaned, and serviced once any technical issues occur. Tune-up is a practical way to prevent any possible breakdowns in the summer seasons.

If you have a hard time finding the perfect air conditioner contractor for your home, you can find many adept professionals online.

4.Consider Changing Filter

Regular exposure to dust and dirt gets your AC filter system jammed. In this case, you may either clean the filter or replace it with a new one. Most people continue running their ACs with the same filter system.

This is a mistake since it reduces the quality of the machine. If you want to make your AC run longer, clean the filter regularly. However, if you find your filter out of order, replace it immediately.

Most AC technicians suggest a thirty to seventy days time slot to change the filter in the AC. This ensures a lasting service of the air conditioner.

5.Keep the Registers Open

Sometimes, it’s necessary to keep the registers open, even though you might think of it as a loss of energy. Opening the register will help the AC run effectively while cooling the room at a balanced temperature.

Keeping the AC register open will maintain a balanced air ventilation, cooling, and heating process. This will keep your AC running smoothly. Make sure you open the doors and windows before opening the register.

A congested space will obstruct the ventilation process in the register. So, make sure the airflow is free from any interruption in that particular room.

6.Keep the Air Quality in Check

Most people forget that an AC functions with the current atmosphere, meaning whatever air quality it finds within the room. This makes the equation very simple— whatever air the AC works with will deliver a cool breeze to its users.

It means the AC will discharge the same air if you’re maintaining a clean and hygienic atmosphere within your house. On the other hand, the more unhealthy the atmosphere is, the worse the air will get.

Not only that, but a bad aeration process also will harm the HVAC system of your AC, making it prone to disturbances or sudden breakdown.

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to call an HVAC service provider to fix the issue.

7.Maintain the Outdoor Unit

We often need to remember the function of a machine that goes behind the scenes. In terms of an AC, this lies with the outside unit, which you mostly ignore.

If you want to ensure the longer utility of your air conditioner system, keep its outdoor unit free from dust and shrubs.
In most cases, the outdoor unit of an AC faces the garden or backyard.

This causes the leaves or shrubs to come in the way of the AC’s outdoor unit, making it hard to work properly sometimes.

The simple tip for dealing with this situation is to trim the shrubs, leaves, and branches that keep at least two to four feet of distance between the outdoor unit and them. Besides, keep your eyes on the growing grasses so they don’t exceed the desired height.

8.Be Careful of Leaks

One of the most common problems an AC user would definitely experience is the leaking of their AC unit. This may happen at least once a year.

Typically, the leak occurs in the hose, which may persistently let the water deposit pass. Unattended, this may cause your AC to have a breakdown without notice.

The simplest way to prevent leaking in the AC is to maintain regular services. Users who worry about money instead of regular maintenance services face higher costs for repairing or a replacement of the whole unit.

Key Takeaways

Since an AC costs you a lot, it’s wise to maintain it properly. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than what was expected.
The tips we’ve shared in this article are valuable.

You must follow them to make your AC last longer. Try to keep your AC clean, get regular tune-ups, and maintain a healthy atmosphere within your house to let your AC work flawlessly.

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