How to Incorporate Farmhouse Decor Into a Modern Home

How to Incorporate Farmhouse Decor Into a Modern Home

Farmhouse style blends tradition and comfort with a modern sensibility. A combination of rustic and refined farmhouse decor is a great way to add character and charm to any space!

The best place to start is by implementing a neutral color palette. Whites, soft grays, and creams provide the perfect base for any modern farmhouse space.

Ultimate Guide To Modern Farmhouse Decor

Bring the Outdoors In

Bringing in natural elements is one of the easiest ways to make your modern farmhouse feel more authentic. This can include everything from rustic wood furniture to foraged branches and greenery in earthenware vases. A light color palette is also key, as it will help your home look bright and welcoming.

Neutral paint colors are trendy for modern  farmhouse decor, and you can use them to transform furniture quickly. For example, try this chalk paint furniture makeover for a quick and easy farmhouse update.

Exposed beams and stone or brick accents are typical in modern farmhouse design. But feel free to experiment with other materials like metal as well. These accents can help create a unique and upscale look for your home.

Keep It Simple

The most important thing to remember when adding farmhouse-inspired decor is to keep it simple. Neutral paint colors are essential, and muted shades of white, beige, and gray work best for the style.

Wood accents are also essential. Try a reclaimed wooden table in the dining room, a rustic barn door as a headboard in the  bedroom, or even a wood-framed mirror.

Wire baskets are another popular decorating element that can be used as storage, organization solutions, or simply decorative elements. Mason jars are another must-have for the style, as they can be used as vases, storage for small items, or as hanging planters.

Exposed brick or stone is another great architectural feature that can give your home a modern farmhouse look. The key is to balance the raw texture and other modern elements like metal light fixtures, glass accents, and open shelving packed with curvy antiques.

Go Vintage

If you want to embrace farmhouse style, consider incorporating one or two vintage or distressed elements into your home. However, it’s best to keep these pieces minimal to avoid overpowering the clean lines of your modern home. An old bench, a weathered dresser, or an antique sink are great ways to introduce the style without going overboard.

Another way to add a touch of rustic charm is to go for reclaimed wood elements. This can be anything from a reclaimed barn door bookcase to a repurposed wood accent cabinet. It’s easy to find rustic reclaimed wood furniture online and at second-hand stores and flea markets.

Decorative lighting  is also a significant element to include in any space with a modern farmhouse feel. Whether it’s an industrial-inspired pendant or something more traditional, this type of lighting will create texture and depth in any room.

Mixing metals is also a great way to bring in a more industrial look that is perfect for the farmhouse style. Just keep the finishes limited to only 2-3 different metals and spread them throughout the room for balance.

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