7 Realistic Expectations to Have of a Real Estate Agent

7 Realistic Expectations to Have of a Real Estate Agent

In the intricate world of home buying and selling, having a competent guide can make all the difference. Your real estate agent plays this crucial role. An experienced agent ushers you through the complex corridors of property transactions with the goal of a smooth closing.

Those sound like big shoes to fill! While many real estate agents talk a big game, not all offer high-quality services to buyers and sellers.

This article will set the record straight with seven realistic expectations you should maintain when working with a real estate agent.

1. Adaptive Marketing Strategies

Each property, buyer, and seller is unique. Real estate transactions oftentimes vary greatly from each other. There are different challenges and advantages to each interaction that real estate agents must navigate.

Expect a proficient agent to adapt their strategy based on the situation rather than implementing a standard playbook for all scenarios.

For example, if you’re trying to sell a property in a buyer’s market, your agent might suggest staging the home. Certain agents will pay for this service themselves because they are confident in the results it will produce.

However, the effectiveness of some marketing strategies, like staging, can be market-specific. When buying in a competitive market, they might advise on tactics to make your offer more appealing. This flexible approach is a hallmark of an agent truly attuned to their client’s needs.

2. Continuous Market Updates

The real estate market is dynamic. Trends, prices, and demands often shift like sand dunes. While it’s not realistic to expect daily updates, a committed agent will make it their business to ensure you’re not left in the dark. They make it a habit to stay informed about market shifts that could affect you, the client.

Sadly, not all real estate agents do this proactively. Whether it’s news about an upcoming infrastructure project that could influence property values or a sudden surge in demand for homes in a particular area, updates are useful to receive.

A lack of knowledge and market updates leads many buyers and sellers to start with online platforms for direction. Before officially choosing a real estate agent, many sellers look into iBuyers to figure out their next move.

Countless sellers find themselves  deciding between two real estate websites, like Zillow and Opendoor, when preparing to sell their property. Some end up going with one of those technology giants. Others work directly with a local real estate agent.

3. Realtors Aren’t Magicians

In an ideal world, your agent would have a master key to every dream home you can imagine. However, back in the real world, things aren’t that simple.

Real estate agents operate on knowledge, research, and a bit of legwork. Your agent should have an understanding of the current market landscape, neighborhood specifics, and emerging trends.

Real Estate agents do many things for their clients. As much knowledge as they have, real estate agents don’t always ‘get it right’. The houses they select for you to view could be bad fits.

On the seller side, they may overspend on marketing materials that aren’t necessary. Either way, real estate agents are human, not magicians.

4. Communication is Key

Buyers and sellers wish for an agent with telepathic powers. Why can’t they read minds and know exactly what is needed and when? The reality is a tad different. An agent’s effectiveness hinges on the quality of communication between you two. It’s imperative to be vocal about your needs.

Whether it’s a garden for your green thumb ambitions or a large kitchen to host your weekend culinary experiments, give them the specifics. In return, expect your agent to be responsive, updating you regularly and taking note of any feedback. Remember, the clearer you are, the better they can serve you.

5. They’ll Negotiate, Not Wrestle

A professional agent understands the delicate art of negotiation. Their goal is not to enter a fierce battle with the seller but to ensure you get value for your money.

They’ll use their market insights, comparable property prices, and the home’s condition to craft a fair offer. It’s less about arm-wrestling your way to an unrealistic price drop and more about reaching a win-win scenario for both parties involved.

6. Expert Navigation through Paperwork

Real estate transactions come with their fair share of paperwork. From initial offers to final closing documents, the trail of paperwork is lengthy and can sometimes feel daunting. While TV shows might depict agents swiftly signing off papers in mere minutes, the reality is more nuanced.

A competent agent will carefully guide you through each document so nothing is overlooked. They will explain clauses, ensure compliance, and help you understand your commitments.

They’re not just looking to get a quick signature and move on. A solid real estate agent wants you to be informed and confident in every decision you make.

In this intricate process, a real estate agent CRM plays a crucial role in keeping everything organized and accessible, enhancing the agent’s ability to serve you better.

7. Authentic Guidance, Not Sugar-Coated Dreams

While agents are in the business of making sales, the best ones prioritize clients’ satisfaction above all else. Expect them to offer genuine advice. Suppose you’re head over heels with a picturesque home, but it’s situated in a flood-prone area.

Your agent might caution you about potential future hassles. They’ll shed light on both the charms and the challenges of a property, ensuring you’re well-informed before making a decision.

Realistic Expectations When Working with a Real Estate Agent

Real estate journeys are filled with highs and lows. By setting the right expectations, you can ensure a more harmonious, productive relationship with your agent. They are your allies in the quest for a place to call home. With their expertise and your clarity, your dream dwelling might be closer than you think.

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