Top 10 Tips to Choose The Best Bedsheets

Top 10 Tips to Choose The Best Bedsheets

A dull and ugly bedsheet would look awful in a bedroom. Indulging in such a space after a long day at the office would not make you feel good. A vibrant bedsheet could accomplish this by bringing life and color throughout the space.

Although many people acquire bedsheets, they are a popular bedding item whose significance cannot be understated. In between the sheets, people spend about one-third of their time.

So we must invest in cooling bed sheets from Australia that are both cozy and long-lasting. Great bed sheets not only improve your sleeping environment but also enhance the look and feel of your room.

But how can we be confident that our bed sheets are the best? However, there are a few things you should consider. You need to make sure it is beautiful and completely complements your interior in addition to making sure it is comfortable.

So, here we’re going to discuss some tips with you on how to choose the best bedsheets for your bedroom so that you can rest and sleep in the utmost comfort.

1.Get the Right Material

When it comes to the type of material they prefer for their bedsheets, everyone has their own preferences. Pick cotton-poplin sheets if you like something lighter.

Cotton is breathable and soft, keeping you cozy in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. Cotton polyester is less fashionable than pure cotton, despite being less expensive and wrinkle-free.

Linen is a fashionable alternative in the summer since it has a genuine cooling effect and absorbs body heat. Pick a material that softens with each wash.

2.Check the Thread Count

The thread count of fabric determines how rough or fine it is. A higher thread count does not, however, necessarily mean that the sheets will stay soft because manufacturers can alter the sheets by enhancing them with silicone softeners that disappear after the first wash.

Comfortable sheets are composed of 100% cotton. Pima cotton, combed cotton, and Egyptian cotton are all good choices, but the best option, if you’re looking for something more affordable, is a polyester/percale hybrid.

3.Handle with Care

Well, regardless of the type of bed sheet you select, it’s critical to care for them properly to ensure their longevity. Using fabric softeners could eat away at fabrics and provide a chemical coating that softens your sheets but harms the fabric in the process.

The threads would break more quickly if sheets were washed in hot water and dried in high heat for an extended time. Always use lukewarm water and avoid drying your sheets on high heat if you want to increase their lifespan.

4.Choose the Ideal Color

The bedroom’s ambiance is significantly influenced by the color of the bedsheets. If you have vibrant curtains in your bedroom, get vibrantly colored good quality bed sheets online to match the curtains. If you do this, your bedroom will seem lovely and well-decorated.

5.Check the Breathability

Either bed linen is printed or colored. It is essential to ensure that the methods utilized to make the sheets are chemical-free and safe for your skin because of this.

How breathable a fabric is, or if it warms up against your skin, is also influenced by the weave and composition of the fabric.

6.Be Careful with Egyptian Cotton

Bedsheets made of Egyptian cotton are regarded to be scrumptious. However, you should exercise extra caution because not all stores will provide you with bedsheets produced from genuine Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is extremely soft and durable because it is cultivated there under precise climatic conditions, is properly combed, and is washed.

Before purchasing Egyptian cotton bed sheets, make sure to carefully examine the item and read the product description.

7.Make Sure You Got the Right Fit

Standard sizes like queen and king do not account for mattress depth. So, be careful to measure before you buy if yours is tall or if you use a mattress topper.

Additionally, you should consider that it could shrink upon washing. In the fit testing, fitted sheets that fit mattresses up to 15 inches thick have generally done well. To understand more about different types of mattresses, refer to  our comprehensive guide to buying mattresses.

8.Consider the Weave

The weave describes the bedsheet’s texture. Additionally, it affects the bedding’s appearance, cosiness, suppleness, and resistance to wrinkles. When purchasing bedsheets, you can consider these three different weave styles:


Percale has a cool, crisp feel and is made of densely woven, long-lasting threads.


Instead of using filaments, spun yarns are used to create sateen weaves. They have a somewhat smooth feel since they are made using a design that places one yard over every three or four.

Combed Cotton:

Before the fabric is spun, the threads are combed to remove any shorter strands to create these soft and durable sheets.

9.Pick Seasonal Bedsheets

If you like to switch your bedsheets around occasionally, you can choose seasonal linens. However, the number of sheets you use will entirely depend on how frequently you replace them.

However, if you choose to get a bedsheet that will be attractive all year round, it will also be a wise decision.

10. Check the Return Policy

Make it a point to inquire about the return policy before purchasing bedsheets, whether you do it in-person or online. This makes it simpler to swap or return bedsheets if you don’t like them or if you receive one that is broken or defective.

There are several brands out there that provide a return service if there are any inconsistencies within a certain time frame.


Bedsheets are the main reason to create the perfect vibe for your bedroom. So to achieve a softer, more comfortable sleep, strive to buy all of your bedding needs from reputed brands and pay attention to the top tips to choose bed sheets.

You won’t settle for anything less after using a high-quality bedsheet from such brands. Also, remember to choose gorgeous designs! You now have the ideal bedsheets when comfort and style are united!

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